Bank Robbery

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There are 3 banks in KCNR and they all can be robbed. They're located at:

  1. Roca Escalante
  2. Royal Casino
  3. Las Barrances

Look for a green $ marker in your minimap!

To rob it head into the bank vault, which can be found inside a bank by entering the yellow arrow in front of blue door. Then head into a place with safes and type /robbery. If you don't fail the robbery you can see some cash pickups appear in front of safes. Enter them to collect the cash! After you've collected all the pickups, exit the bank and head to location, that is marked by a red checkpoint in your minimap. You have to reach it and complete the robbery.

NB! You must not leave the bank before you've collected all the cash pickups, otherwise the robbery will fail!

It steals cash from other player bank accounts! Protect your cash from bank by buying bank insurance from any bank in KCNR!