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Bonus Vehicles are the vehicles that are randomly chosen by the server to be sold by a player to provide some extra in-game cash. They provide high amounts of cash. They can be found at respective spawn locations of specified vehicles (for eg: If the Bonus Vehicle is a Bullet, look for the natural spawn point of a Bullet). Bonus Vehicles change every day at 00:00 and they can be sold at the crane.

Remember, the specified vehicle doesn't remain a bonus vehicle if it has already been sold or the bonus vehicle has been changed.

Here are some useful commands for bonus vehicles:

  • /bv * -> Shows the current bonus vehicle
  • /crane -> Sets a GPS marker to the closest crane

(*)Doesn't show the bonus vehicle if it has already been sold

NOTE: Bonus Vehicles are destroy-able, meaning that players can kill destroy the bonus vehicle and/or kill you if you're driving the Bonus Vehicle