Create a ban appeal

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Go to the forums, make sure you have registered. If you have not registered, please check out Registering on the forum
Once you go to the forums you will see the following page:
Scroll down untill you see this (the red piece is outlining):
Click on the 'Banned?'
A new page will open. Scroll down untill you see this:
Click on the 'Ban Template', the following will open:
Copy everything in that topic within the code tags, so everything outlined with red.
Go back to the previous screen while you have the template copied. Click on 'New Topic' as outlined in the next example:
Fill in the required information:
Please note that the information I filled in after the template is purely meant as an example. You should fill in your own information and be as detailed as possible.
Click the 'Submit' button.
You have succesfully posted your ban appeal, now all you have to do is wait for the admin to respond.