End of Year awards

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Information page about KCNR's End of Year awards.


3rd of November

End of Year award nominations opened up for 19 categories. The categories are:

  • Admin of the year
  • Newbie of the year
  • Best player of the year
  • Most helpful player of the year
  • Most respected player of the year
  • Driver of the year
  • Most missed player of the year
  • Junior Admin of the year
  • Robber of the year
  • Worst player of the year
  • Asslicker of the year
  • SWAT of the year
  • LEO of the year
  • Rapist of the year
  • Group of the year
  • Worst rulebreaker of the year
  • Spammer of the year
  • Dumbest rulebreaker of the year
  • Stunter of the year

15th of November

A new voting system has been put in place. It is available at https://eoyawards.pselten.info/.


Winners from 2014:

Feature of the year: Vehicle armours
Shooter of the year: .CaRisMa.
Cop of the year: Police_force
Driver of the year: Fuet
Robber of the year: Torque
Most missed player of the year: [email protected]@
Admin of the year: Peter
Group of the year: LV Mafia
Player of the year: Police_force
Newcomer of the year: Zenlex