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Kar's Cops and Robbers was created in July, 2012 by [SA]Killer. This page was a fan-based page that was solely created for player-to-player interaction and to show their support for the KCNR server and community. It wasn't until December, 2013 when the page became a 'team' effort between [SA]Killer and Threshold. It was then the determination of the two to expand the page into a community-wide project, and more KCNR players were added to the Facebook team.

Since that time, page activity gradually increased and there were new events and news being posted almost every day. Milestones were smashed within months, with hundreds of likes within the first few months alone. Nearly several years later, and the KCNR Facebook page is now the most active page with the highest player interaction and updates out of any other Cops and Robbers page on Facebook. We've strived to bring you the best, and now we have finally achieved it with almost 400 likes. (15/03/2015)

The Facebook page can be reached by going to: http://www.lvcnr.net/facebook
Or directly by going to: https://www.facebook.com/KCNRSAMP

Facebook Page Administrators
Facebook Administrators:
Facebook Administrators:
Krypton / Satan
Nedim_Ranger / Foxy.