Garbage Man

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Garbage man collects garbage. Garbage can be collected from:

  1. Garbage Bags - Walk into a garbage bag and you'll get 20 litters of garbage and garbage bag gets removed. If a non-garbage man enters it, they'll get infection.
  2. Dumpsters - Dumpsters are located around SA. To empty a dumpster head into white arrow infront of it and choose "Empty This Dumpster". Dumpster holds maximum of 100 litters of garbage.

You can see how much garbage you have with /garbage command. Garbage can be sold at Garbage Dump. It can be located in-game with /gloc command.

To locate a garbage bag or dumpster in-game, type /gt and choose which one you want to locate.

Garbage Man can also infect players with /infect <PLAYER NAME/ID>*, but it requires 5 litters of garbage, to do that.

*If you leave the <PLAYER NAME/ID> place blank, then it'll automatically choose closest person.