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Kidnapper can kidnap players and sell them for cash. There are 2 ways to kidnap a player.

First way to kidnap a player: Be a driver in a vehicle with the target as a passenger, type /kidnap <PLAYER NAME/ID> <RANSOM> and drive to the place marked with the checkpoint in your map, to sell him.
Second way to kidnap a player: /su* a player, then knock him out, aim at him and press Y. This will drag you and the person you wanna kidnap to your vehicle automatically. Then you'll have to drive him to the checkpoint, marked in your map, to sell him.
* -> Requires a Gun or a Knife

You can also set default kidnapping ransom from /gameplaysettings. This will not require to type the Ransom(using first way), instead uses the ransom what is set to default.

Ransom is used to free a player from kidnapping by typing /ransom <PLAYER NAME/ID>. It costs as much as the ransom is. Kidnapper gets the cash and kidnapped person is free to go.

If you get kidnapped, then you can cut the rope using the /cutrope(/cr) command. It is done with the help of a Chef's Knife and can be bought from 24/7 Store. If you successfully cut the rope, you'll be released.