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Law Enforcement keeps the city clean from all the criminals. To see current criminals in-game, you can type /suspects(/sus) for low wanted players(ticketable) and /criminals(/war) to see all criminals who have 4+ wanted level(arrestable/ can be taken down).

Law Enforcement Officer(LEO) can issue a ticket to players with /ticket(/tk) [USERNAME/ID*] command and arrest with /arrest(/ar) [USERNAME/ID*] command. LEO can also use MMB(Middle Mouse Button) to arrest and ticket criminals on foot, suspects can also be ticketed from vehicle by pressing 2. Law-enforcement officer CAN NOT shoot yellow(ticketable) players for no reason!

*If you don't type any username or ID after /ar or /tk, it'll automatically choose cloest person.

Becoming Law enforcement officer

To become a Law enforcement officer, you must pass a cop exam. After you pass the exam, you're free to be cop(streep cop, others require higher cop rank). You'll start with cop rank 0.

NB! Cops may NOT shoot innocent players(white) or ticketable players(yellow) for no reason!

Police Commands/Features

  • Communicating with other cops with /cm [TEXT](/copmsg) command.
  • Search players for drugs with /search [USERNAME/ID] command, if drugs are found, player will lose his drugs and get low wanted level(become ticketable).
  • Request backup with /backup(/bk) command, all cops in the area will be notified about your request.
  • Cuff players with /cuff [USERNAME/ID] command(has to have at least 1 wanted level).
  • Add different sirens to your vehicle with /siren command. Any cop can add Police Siren to your vehicle, but Undercover Siren(on roof or dashboard) can only be added by FBI, CIA and Sheriffs.
  • Report players for commiting crimes with /report(/rp) [USERNAME/ID] [REASON]. This can be used from cop rank 3. Reason for /rp must be valid reason and may not abuse it with invalid reasons.
  • Street cops(only) can parole people out of jail with /parole [USERNAME/ID] command.
  • Visual contact criminals, with /visualcontact(/vc) [USERNAME/ID] command. /vc will notify other LEO's about the criminal, during the /vc, criminal's blip will flash, until visual contact is lost. Extra about visual contacting:Type /help > Visual Contacting(18) in-game.

*If you don't type any username or ID after /vc, it'll automatically choose cloest person.

Cop Rank

Cop rank can be increased by doing cop work. Every time you do cop work you can see progress bar under the deathlist.

Cop rank is used to unlock other cop classes, stun gun/taser and /rp command. If you have cop rank 8 you can apply for becoming swat(see SWAT for more info).

You can see your cop rank with /rank command in-game and stats by typing /stats(/sts) > Police Statistics(5) to see your cop stats and rank.

Stun gun/taser

Stun gun and taser are unlocked from cop rank 3. It can be accessed by pressing N. You can change between Stun gun and Taser from Police Department desk. While you have stun gun/taser enabled, you can not access your weapons, other than taser.

To use stun gun, enable it(by pressing N, you should see taser in your hand), punch a player who has atleast 1 wanted level.

To use taser, enable it(by pressing N), you'll get silenced pistol with 1 ammo. Shoot a player(Doesn't work too far) and he'll get tased and your taser will be disabled.

All Points Bulletin

APB is given when 5+ cops are in visual contact(/vc) with a criminal, all APB's are shown in /criminals(/war) and all cops will be notified if APB is issued to a criminal. If you arrest/takedown or assist someone who is APB, you'll get extra money.

Dirty/Good cop feature

Cop activities can be either good or dirty. Every few good cop activity helps to get higher cop rank, dirty cop activities allow you to unlock corrupt cops. Corrupt cops can be unlocked from 250, 500 and 1000 dirty cop activities and they do not lose score doing dirty cop activities.

Good Cop Activities:

  • Securicar Delivery
  • Refusing Bribes

Dirty Cop Activities:

  • Innocent Manslaughter
  • Illegal Drug Trafficking
  • Illegal Weapon Trafficking
  • Securicar Money Theft
  • Leaving Ticketed Players
  • Accepting Bribes
  • Harvesting Drugs
  • Illegal Street Racing

Police refill/Law enforcement classes

Police refill is used to get health, armor, weapons, vehicles and repairing any cop vehicle for free. It can be found from any police department. Police Departments can be located with /gps > Select a Destination(1) > Law Enforcement(6) > Choose police department. It is also located in Area 69.

Different police classes/teams get different weapons and vehicles. Higher the cop rank, more ammo you'll get.

LEO classes

  • Street Cop - Cop rank 0 - Weapons refill: Depends on rank - can use /parole
  • Sheriffs - Cop rank 2 - Weapons refill: Nitestick, colts, shotguns(depends on rank), conty rifle, sniper
  • FBI - Cop rank 3 - Weapons refill: Colts, micro SMG(UZI, or MP5 - Totally random), m4, sniper
  • Army - Cop rank 5 - Weapons refill: Desert eagle, combat shotgun, TEC-9, AK-47, parachaute
  • SWAT - Cop rank 8 - Must apply on forums - Weapons refill: Desert eagle, combat shotgun, mp5, m4, sniper - has /drag and /rb
  • CIA - Cop rank 10 - Weapons refill: Silenced pistol, sawn-off shotgun, mp5, sniper - Invisible on minimap