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Mechanic can sell several car services to other players, with /sell <PLAYER NAME/ID>*.

* If you leave the <PLAYER NAME/ID> place blank, then it'll automatically choose closest person.

If you're mechanic, then you'll automatically get the services you can sell. Here's a list of them:

  • Repair Vehicle - (Default price: $7500)
  • Repair Vehicle Tyres - (Default price: $2500)
  • Repair Vehicle Body - (Default price: $5000)
  • 2x NOS - (Default price: $2500)
  • 5x NOS - (Default price: $5000)
  • 10x NOS - (Default price: $10,000)

Cost of any of these items can be changed from invetory (/inv), by choosing the specific item and then "Change Item Price".