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Personal Vehicles are vehicles that you own. It can be bought from Autobahn. You can park it to any location (Except near LVPD) with /park command. If your personal vehicle explodes or you quit and come back, you'll find it where it is parked. If you have not parked it, it'll spawn at Autobahn from where you bought it. If you don't know where you parked/left it you can use /pvgps [PERSONAL VEHICLE ID]. It'll set GPS to your personal vehicle. You can see list of your vehicles and vehicle IDs, with /vehinv command. Any vehicle can be locked(except other player owned vehicles)(/lk to lock, /lk group to keep it unlocked for your group members, /ulk to unlock your vehicle), so other players can't steal it. Also, if your vehicle fuel runs out and you have jerrycan, you can use /jc to refill your vehicle.

You'll not lose your personal vehicle as long as you don't sell it or be inactive for 1 month. It can be sold to other players with /sellvehicle [PLAYER NAME/ID] [PRICE]. It can also sold to government from Shody's used autos used vehicles, what is located next to LV Hospital. If you sell your vehicle there, you'll not get back all of the vehicle's original price.

Here are some useful commands for vehicles, you can see the commands in-game by typing /vehhelp.

  • /vi <USERNAME/ID>* - Shows vehicle information.
  • /bonnet(/hood) - Toggles vehicle bonnet.
  • /boot(/trunk) - Toggles vehicle boot.
  • /lights - Toggles vehicle lights.
  • /engine - Toggles vehicle engine.
  • /ej <PLAYER NAME/ID> - Ejects a player from your vehicle.
  • /ejp - Ejects all passengers from your vehicle.
  • /eje - Ejects everyone from your vehicle.
  • /ejm - Ejects yourself from your vehicle.

*If you don't put any Username/ID, then it'll choose you.

Your Personal Vehicle will be lost when you have been inactive for 1 month!