Server Rules

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  1. NO MODIFICATIONS that give you an advantage over others, this includes cheats, hacks, CLEO, vehicle mods, etc
  2. All staff actions are final, whether they are within the rules or not
  3. Have common courtesy for your surroundings
  4. No spamming / scamming
  5. No random deathmatching
  6. No cop hunting
  7. No advertising of other websites and servers
  8. No purposely dying / pausing / quitting to avoid anything
  9. No random command abuse (/rp, random hits, etc)
  10. No bug exploitation, report all bugs on the forums
  11. No excessive group targeting on players
  12. No Impersonation of other players
  13. No account sharing between players
  14. No asking for administration privileges
  15. You may not gain aid in completing hits on yourself
  16. Law Enforcement may not team with civilians
  17. Law Enforcement may not abuse roadblocks
  18. Criminals may not use trains to avoid arrest / warrants
  19. Do not Ban Evade (This is a serious offence)
  20. Tax evasion is not allowed
  21. Account selling is not allowed.

For a better explained list, please read the forum topic