Swat Barred Players

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Full list
Name Bar Duration Reason
Mode Permanent Constantly annoying admins about SWAT.
Dod0 Permanent Hacking.
bosaa Permanent Hacking.
the_lost Permanent Hacking.
Karan_lucknath Permanent Constantly breaking procedural rules, impersonating admins to try to get SWAT.
Zeus_Ownz_Yuh/Percy_Jackson/Duk3_ Permanent Multiple counts of hacking, getting SWAT members to /rb abuse, Aimbotting.
BenTen Permanent Constant rulebreaking & consistent bad attitude (and hacking***).
Benjamin_M/Trixy Permanent Blackmailing people for votes.
knookieboy Permanent Advertising.
NightDay/BlazeOfGlory Permanent Advertising.
HaniNa/Roxon/Auburn Permanent Attempting to trick admins 4 times
SaltedFish Permanent Constantly breaking rules and impersonating administrators.
AshAmd Permanent Account sold to 'Stardust', bypassed SWAT test, ammo/weapon hacking.
Garry_Gay / S21_Blood_Hound Permanent Teleport hacking and aimbot hacking.
Pro(RaceR) Permanent Account Sharing.
RaCeR_BoY Permanent Account Sharing.
Timeless Permanent Aimbot hacking.
xXSlayDriver1Xx Permanent Consistent rulebreaking.
[R.I.Pbombs10 Permanent Consistent rulebreaking.
Lv_Fragger Permanent Ammo/Weapon Hacking + Aimbotting (AshAmd)
bloodKOMODOOOOOO Permanent Constant rulebreaking/Disrespecting administration on a regular basis.