Swat Barred Players

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Full list
Name Bar Duration Reason
Mode Permanent Constantly annoying admins about SWAT
Dod0 Permanent Hacking
bosaa Permanent Hacking
the_lost Permanent Hacking
Karan_lucknath Permanent Constantly breaking procedural rules, impersonating admins to try to get SWAT
Zeus_Ownz_Yuh/Percy_Jackson/Duk3_ Permanent Multiple counts of hacking, getting SWAT members to /rb abuse, Aimbotting.
BenTen Permanent Constant rulebreaking & consistent bad attitude.
Benjamin_M/Trixy Permanent Blackmailing people for votes
knookieboy Permanent Advertising
NightDay Permanent Advertising
HaniNa/Roxon Permanent Was told to wait 1 month before applying to swat again. He was also warned that he would be barred from swat if he tried to apply before waiting 1 month. 18 minutes later he made a new application, this time for a rank promotion. Why would he apply for rank promotion if his swat application was declined? player also claimed he was accepted to swat on 30/09/2014, which is very weird, considering it was 28/09/2014 when he posted his rank promotion application. Lastly, he also added (accepted) on his rank promotion application to trick admins that his rank promotion was already accepted without getting any votes whatsoever
SaltedFish Permanent Constantly breaking rules and impersonating administrators
AshAmd Permanent Account sold to 'Stardust', bypassed SWAT test, ammo/weapon hacking.
Garry_Gay/S21_Blood_Hound Permanent Teleport hacking and aimbot hacking.
Pro(RaceR) Permanent Account Sharing
RaCeR_BoY Permanent Account Sharing
Timeless Permanent Aimbot hacking
Gabrielle Permanent Aimbot hacking
Investor Permanent Ddosing KCNR
TheJoker12 Permanent Aiding and Abetting to Ddosing KCNR
_Grove[Frame] 29/9/2016 Applying before waiting 1 month