Wanted Level

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Wanted Level can be gained if you violate the law and/or do illegal activities. You can see your or other player crimes with /crimes command.(Put Username/ID next to it to see other player crimes)

  • If you have 1-3 wanted level you'll be yellow and you can be ticketed(/tk) by cops. If you pay the ticket, your wanted level is removed, but if you don't pay the ticked, you'll gain extra stars.
  • If you have at least 4 wanted level you'll be orange and you can be arrested(/ar) or taken down by cops. What higher your wanted level is, the darker is the orange color.

Wanted level can be seen in-game with /level command or you can see it under your cash, by looking at your stars.

Getting arrested/taken down

If you get arrested by cops, you'll be sent to Police Department what is closest to place where you got arrested/taken down. You'll have to wait the jail time then /bail yourself out of the jail, other players can use /bail <USERNAME/ID> to bail others out of the jail. If your wanted level is higher, your jail time is longer and /bail is more expansive. Street Cops can /parole <USERNAME/ID> out of jail. You can also bribe the cop to get out of jail(/bribe(for closest cop & default price of $5000) or /br <AMOUNT> <USERNAME/ID>).

Players can also escape from jail with /escape(/esc) command. If you succeed escaping the jail, you'll be sent to the roof of PD you're currently in. If you fail to escape from jail you'll get +30 Seconds of jail time and bail increases.

Reducing/removing your wanted level

There are several ways to lose your wanted level.

  • Collecting bribe stars

There are bribe stars all around SA, what you can collect. If you collect it your wanted level goes down by 1. It can only be collected if it's active, if it's inactive you'll have to wait for it to become active.

  • Bribing a cop

Cops can be bribed with /bribe(/br) command. If you just type /br then it'll choose a closest cop and you offer them $5000, by default. Or you can type /br <AMOUNT> <USERNAME/ID>. You can cancel your bribe by typing /cbribe command. You can also bribe a cop if you're cuffed, and if the cop accepts the bribe, your cuffs and wanted level will be removed. Cop can either choose to accept(/accept, /ac) or decline(/decline) the bribe. If you're cop and getting bribed, and you accept the bribe, then you will get Dirty Cop Activity, but if you decline it, you'll get Good Cop Activity.

  • Waiting for wanted level to decrease

Evade the cops and wait for wanted level to go down itself.

  • Breaking cuffs

If a cop places you in cuffs by arresting you(/ar), and you succeed breaking your cuffs your wanted level will be set to 3(ticketable). Wearing a screwdriver increases your chance of succeeding breaking your cuffs. If you get cuffed with /cuff, and if you succeed breaking them, cuffs just get removed, but wanted level will NOT decrease to 3.